The Law Office of Toya Gavin, LLC offers a wide variety of legal services.

From business situations that may cost you money to personal offenses that may reflect badly and everything in between.

I offer flat-rate services at competitive prices so that you know what to expect.

And I strive to make your experience with an attorney to be positive, helpful, efficient, and affordable.

Toya Gavin


The Online Law Office: Here’s How The Process Will Go

I provide legal services online. Everything is done through a secure web-based platform and because it is a virtual practice, I charge prices that don’t end up costing you an arm and leg.

To start, contact the law office here or click on the “New Client” tab above. Complete the intake form so we can schedule an introductory call.

Once we talk about your needs and decide that we are a fit, you will gain access to the online law office, and I will begin working on your matter.

You can send me messages, ask questions, schedule calls, and make payment through the secured online portal without ever getting stuck in traffic or facing any of the hassles that come from visiting an office. I will be on this end of the computer answering all your questions and addressing your concerns. 

(Important Note: There are some cases – e.g. relating to municipal court – that may require you being physically present in the court or by appointment in my office. In such cases, I will let you know beforehand if your presence is required.)

Take a look at the services we offer and choose the right one for your legal situation:



If you’ve got a small issue that’s bugging you and you don’t know how to proceed, a consultation might just be what you need. I’ll offer you practical, actionable advice on what you should do and the steps you can take to avoid jostling with the law.

This will clear up the haze in your mind and get you up and running quickly.

Sample Consultation Question: How can I protect my intellectual property when hiring new employees?

(Side Note: I offer advice on matters related to New Jersey and New York State law and matters pertaining to federal trademark and copyright registration only.)

Pricing: Consultations start at $250/hour. Click here to schedule yours and eliminate your legal worries.



If you need help with your business, here are some of the small business services that I offer:

  • Help you decide the business entity that is best for you and carry out all the paperwork from start to finish, quickly and easily.
  • Draft disclaimers and privacy policies for your website.
  • Draft or review contracts with contractors to minimize or resolve any disputes.
  • Preserve the originality of your business by protecting your intellectual property through trademark and copyright.
  • Register with the IRS for Employment Identification Number (EIN) and file for local licenses.
  • Prepare employee packets for new hires and draft independent contractor agreements

Pricing: These services start from $500 for a review of a simple contract. Contact me for a proper quote for your legal needs.



For folks looking for personal services, here are the avenues where I can help through the Law Office:

  • Give you a ‘fresh start’ by clearing your records of a past arrest or conviction via an expungement
  • Represent you in matters relating to DUI and other traffic citations.
  • Help you in matters relating to municipal court like shoplifting, theft, drug paraphernalia and municipal ordinances.
  • And more….

Pricing: Full representation in traffic court starts from $500.  You may want to DIY your own traffic citation but have a few questions. You can also schedule a consultation to get your questions answered and learn your options. DIY traffic consultations start at $100.


If you don’t know where to start, click here for an introductory call. I’ll talk to you, evaluate your situation and provide you a proper quote based on your particular legal needs.

Knowing your options, you can then decide whether to retain my services. Even if we don’t end up working together, I’d be more than happy to nudge you in the right direction.

P.S. – The introductory call is not a consultation. I’ll take a look at your situation and let you know how I can help. We won’t get into the nuts and bolts of your situation.