If you want to find out more information regarding your situation, here are some trustworthy and credible sources to help you along the way.

There are also resources for random things that I love. They’re equally amazing and fun just like me.


Copyright and Trademark

United State Patent and Trademark Office

U.S. Copyright Office (The Library of Congress)

Cornell University Legal Information Institute: Copyright

Cornell University Legal Information Institute: Trademark

Creative Commons

The Copyright Crash Course 

Entity Formation/Contracts

NYC Department of Small Business Services

NY State Loves Small Business

NJ Business Gateway


Traffic Laws

NJ Traffic Statute

NJ Drivers Manual

NY Traffic Statue

NY Driver’s Manual 

Expungement Info

NY Sealment Info 

NJ Expungement Info: (NJS 2C:52-1 through NJS 2C:52-31) 


Domain and Hosting Solution*: Bluehost

Online Business Training for Women-Blog: Imperfect Concepts

Online Business Training for Women- Video: Maria Forleo

How to Make Money While You Sleep: Smart Passive Income

The Photographer For This Website (P.S. She’s Amazing): Adrienne Longo

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