You're on track for getting your business up and running, but you don't know where to start when it comes to the legal stuff.

How do you protect yourself and not run into legal problems down the road?

You know you need a lawyer, but you think:

 “Lawyers are so expensive."

"I hate lawyers."

"I’ll get to that later when I’m bigger, have more employees, and make more money.”

Instead, you get a contract and some forms online; tweak a few things keeping in that language you don’t quite understand but sounds lawyerly. And voila, you’re in business.

But when starting a new business, one of the biggest barriers to success is making sure your business is legally compliant. And when small businesses DIY their legal needs, they end up spending more money and time in the long run.

I get it. The legal stuff can be confusing, overwhelming and downright scary.

But I’m here to help.

Toya Gavin




Hi, I’m Toya Gavin, an attorney licensed to practice in New Jersey and New York.

I help microbusinesses with their legal needs. 

I do the heavy lifting for you and get your legal matters straightened out so that you have peace of mind going forward.


Prior to starting my solo practice, I worked for a number of years as a city government attorney where I advised city departments, drafted legislation and contracts, and negotiated agreements. Later, I work as a prosecutor where I prosecuted numerous matters involving DUI, narcotics, theft, and other matters.

But I’m a passionate entrepreneur at heart and developed my practice to serve the needs of people like me.

Because of my background, I can help with both professional and personal legal matters. Both are necessary for business success.

I help my clients with things like business formations, contracts, trademarks, copyrights, traffic offenses, municipal violations, and minor criminal offenses.  

I work one-on-one with my clients through my online law office, which allows me to keep my prices affordable while helping you with your legal needs.

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Toya Gavin holds a Juris Doctorate from the George Washington University Law School and a bachelor of science in Industrial Engineering from Rutgers University. She is licensed to practice law in New York and New Jersey. 

After law school, she worked for a number of years as a city government attorney where she drafted legislation, advised city departments and negotiated contracts.

Later, she joined the municipal prosecutor’s office where she prosecuted numerous violations and criminal cases involving theft, assault and narcotics before deciding to go solo and start her practice.

Even though she’s equipped to handle all aspects of legal matters, her real passion lies in helping small business owners with the legal considerations of their business. She helps keep business owners away from legal problems that hamper the growth of their endeavors.

Toya is passionate about life.

When not in ‘work mode’, Toya loves to work out, enjoy a delicious meal (hence the working out), laugh with friends and family, and watch “Scandal."  She is also obsessed with natural hair care YouTube videos, any food with cheese or pecans, meditation, and her family.

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