So you’ve decided to start your own business.

It requires lots of long nights and weekends, learning on the job, overcoming limitations and fears, and actual blood, sweat, and tears. With all this hard work, you want to make sure that your business starts off with the best foundation, professionally and personally. Because businesses built on solid foundations make money.  

And this is precisely where I come in.  I provide professional legal help for microbusinesses to make sure they start on the right side of the law.  

What is a microbusiness you ask? Good question. 

A microbusiness is an organization that does not require hundreds of thousands of dollars to get started and only has a handful of employees.  In fact, some microbusinesses are just you and your laptop, but the products or services you offer are real and so are your assets.  

Through my law office, I help you protect those assets by taking care of your personal and professional legal hassles (because both are a big part of succeeding in business).

And I do this in a completely new way ~ via my online law office.  You already bank online, get your mail online, and shop online, so why not get your legal services online too? It’s secure, convenient and user-friendly. (Learn more here.)

Contact me now and make sure that you don't wrestle with the law alone. And don't forget to grab my free legal guides below. 

Here's How I Offer Help for Businesses:


  • Entity Formation – help you decide which business entity is best considering the goals of your business and file all the related paperwork.
  • Contracts - make all of your commitments ‘legal’ by getting everything on paper...because a handshake and “I’ll hook you up” doesn’t cut it in business.
  • Legal Advising - help you evaluate all business initiative and financial options to decide on the best one. (Ex: assist you in getting a loan at a lower rate saving you thousands of dollars in interest.)
  • Branding Building - protect your brand and your business through intellectual property registration, especially if you have an information-based online business.


For Personal Life Matters, Here's Where I Can Help:


  • Expungement - help you clear your record of a past arrest or offense and start with a clean slate.
  • Traffic Offenses -  traffic tickets are annoying and costly, but sticking that ticket under your visor and forgetting it is not a solution.  I can help. I have years of experience handling all traffic offenses from speeding to DUI and anything in between.
  • Minor Criminal Offenses and Ordinance Violations -  you have to resolve your past to move into your future.  I can help you resolve minor criminal offense or that violation you received because you forgot to renew that local license.


Toya Gavin